How Chile’s Earthquake May Boost the ebook Industry

by Alexandra Mihaescu

What does the publishing industry have to do with the earthquake?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for the publishing industry, life finds a way to surprise you. It seems unlikely that a natural disaster and political factors can affect an industry so seemingly unrelated, but it’s true.

Chile’s earthquake and the recent Finnish port strike are causing pulp prices to rise to new levels.  Higher pulp prices = higher paper prices for all of those in the publishing industry.

Fun fact : Chile and Finland account for 12% of world pulp sales.

But wait, it gets better. One Chinese paper producer is taking full advantage of the shortage by increasing its price per ton from $150 to $1,050.

Can you see my point about the ebook industry? Not only is information moving online because of the internet boom but this most recent rise in pulp prices won’t hurt either.

And did you know that magazines like Gourmet spend 95% on overhead costs and only 5% on creating the content that gets them subscribers?

You Should Write an Ebook:

1. Because you need to provide value to your customers. If you own a gardening business, you could write an ebook about starting a vertical garden. A photographer can write a beautiful and illustrated ebook about taking creative family portraits.

2. Because although information is free, it’s highly coveted. Discuss issues surrounding your industry with your customers. Tell them something no one else wants to admit and let them spread the word about you.

3. Because we need to stop marketing AT our customers. “We live in a world where customers actively resist marketing. The idea is to create an environment where customers will market to each other. Marketing is about spreading ideas, and ideas are all you have left to compete with.”

How to Write an Ebook

I’m putting together a simple and informative ebook about writing ebooks. Topics will include:

  • A list of software options for creating your ebook.
  • How to design a simple, visual ebook.
  • How to promote your ebook.
  • How to use your ebook to build a tribe of loyal subscribers and customers.
  • Ideas for ebook subjects.

The plan is to email it out as soon as I’ve compiled enough quality info. If you want a free copy, sign up below:

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