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1 Hally December 26, 2014 at 3:14 pm

Hey Jeff, just had a load issue. It was with a character I was just woinrkg on. I saved him last night, and loaded today. When he loaded, the patterns I had on all the body surfaces were gone, and the layers were wrong. Not that big a deal on the surface, but then I went to edit and ran into some other problems. I fixed the layers, but wehn I switched to another category, the layers reverted. When I try loading a new category, the wrong one loads. For example, I chose footleft, and got zombie body parts. It would take a bit of clicking to get it to display the correct category. And when I did change category’s, it would revert to the original saved image, deleting all of my additions.Hope this helps.Running Firefox, everything is up to date

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