My Bittersweet Christmas Story

My Bittersweet Christmas Story

This is definitely a bittersweet story but something good is bound to come out of it. I’ve been wanting a juicer for a really really long time. In a perfect world, I would love to live on organic fruit juices and a gourmet vegetarian diet. It would be my ideal scenario for optimal health. But who has time to cook a gourmet vegetarian diet? My best shot at this “perfect world” scenario is a kick-ass juicer.

So my sweet, loving boyfriend got me one for Christmas. My very own Breville Juicer! Yay!! How cool is that?? I looked up tons of juice recipes and tips on surviving a juice cleansing and found some really cool stuff. Am I sure you’re still waiting for the bittersweet part of my story…ready? After I assembled my juicer, I put it back in the box to take it home. As I was walking down the stairs, the bottom of the box gave out and my juicer went crashing down the stairs. Needless to say, it’s gone!!!! My gorgeous, perfect juicer is gone! Actually, only one piece shattered, which I’m hoping to replace and maybe soon, I’ll get back on track towards my perfect health goal.

But for the time being, you should give it a try while I get my juicer hardware in order…here are those cool juice & health websites I found:

1. Juice recipes from This is the recipe for one of my favs…haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds delish! The recipe calls for a can of pineapple from concentrate but I prefer everything fresh.

Athlete’s Super Fuel

1/2 watermelon
1 lemon
5 oranges
1 cup pineapple

2. Learn all about juice fasting and what it can do for you from Dr. Emily Kane and Michele Tune.

3. Or you could skip the juicer and have someone make them for you. Mary’s American Yogini retreat in the Hamptons is the ideal place…totally relaxing getaway, full of yoga and all you can drink natural juices! She even delivers fresh juices and shows you how to make them on her site.

4. And if you’re a visual kind of person and need some extra motivation check out It’s a cool site that shows you what you look like after you’ve lost that stubborn 10-20 pounds.

Do you have any great juice tips or recipes? I’m a total amateur so the more the merrier. =)

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