The Lost Art of Customer Service

The Lost Art of Customer Service

You hear it all the time, at least I do…companies promising amazing customer service. You would think that in this free market economy, where every product out there has tons of competition, a company would do whatever it takes to make its customers happy. It doesn’t always work out that way.

Let’s talk about Verizon for a minute. Picture me in the store, frustrated and ready to strangle the manager for not letting me exchange my brand new malfunctioning phone. Can you see it? Now picture a GIGANTIC sign behind him that says “If you have a problem, it becomes our problem…no wireless provider stands behind you like Verizon.” YEA RIGHT! This is customer service??

Then there are those certain restaurants…Londy and I walked into a completely empty place (Hummus in SOHO) today to get a bite. We were waived in by the waitress so we decided to sit at a table in the corner. That’s when the waitress decided to speak up and say “you can’t sit at a table for four…it’s policy.” Okkkk…maybe, just maybe, I’m being very picky, but if the place is empty, does it really matter if we sit at a table for four? The owner of this place is clueless about customer happiness!

How about the time I ordered something from Amazon and my shipment got lost in the mail; I called “customer service,” and ended up talking to some woman in India who had no idea what I was trying to tell her. It shouldn’t take two weeks and 7 emails to resolve a problem with an order. Again, the customer (me!) was not happy.

Here’s my point…try googling “jewelry” and see how many hits you get (about 313 million). Yes, I realize that keyword is very general, but even if you googled “handmade gold jewelry nyc,” you still get about 300,000 hits. You get the idea…so how does Esculon stand out in this industry? We do have gorgeous jewelry, but that’s not enough anymore. It takes a flawless and pleasant shopping experience to make someone super happy! So we make every detail count, from the gift wrap to the handwritten notes, the personalized emails and this really cool blog! ;)

There you have it…our shameless plug for Esculon: we learned from personal experience that the customer wants to be happy with every purchase she makes. We’re here to make sure she’ll have nothing but happy thoughts and that she knows the people behind the brand. Customer service shouldn’t be a luxury!

By the way, whether you’re a customer or not, we’d love it if you leave us tons of comments, suggestions and happy thoughts!

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