Why Buy Tons of Jewelry? Because Nina Garcia Said So!!

Why Buy Tons of Jewelry? Because Nina Garcia Said So!!

Wish I would’ve been inspired enough to write such a great argument for buying jewelry! Either way, here it is, the power of accessories, straight from the mouth of one of the most respected fashion editors today, Nina Garcia:

“Those miniskirts, that slinky dress, your skinny jeans. Gain ten pounds and they betray you in a heartbeat, those cows. But your accessories, your shoes, and bags, your scarves and necklaces. They’ll stand by you through thick and thin. They don’t care if you gain 20 pounds, they’ll hang right there with you. They will always make you feel better about yourself. They will pull together an outfit for you. They will help you update your wardrobe without spending a ton of money. And, without saying a word, tell others how cool, fun, elegant, and sophisticated you are. Really, what else can you ask for in a friend?”

It can’t get any better than that, and although I did enjoy the rest of the book, this was definitely my favorite part!

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