PR Lesson #1: Give and You Shall Receive!

PR Lesson #1: Give and You Shall Receive!

Give and you shall receive…yes, it’s true and I’ll tell you why. I spotted an amazing opportunity to not only promote Esculon jewelry but help women entrepreneurs at the same time. By donating 15% of the proceeds from the sale of the Melody Earrings, offered to promote Esculon on its website. Proceeds will be going to Count Me In, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of women entrepreneurs through the use of educational resources and special funding. Are there worthier causes out there? Probably, but as a woman entrepreneur I can appreciate the benefits.

Here’s the best part. Not only did Esculon get promoted on, but also on the Real Simple blog and And all this because I decided to give! =) This lesson will come in handy throughout your entire life, whether it has to do with business or not. Be nice, genuine and help out…eventually they’ll return the favor.

Stay tuned for more PR lessons from the “field.” Thanks for reading!

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