PR Lesson #2: Media Lists!

PR Lesson #2: Media Lists!

So you’ve recognized the need for PR and you’d like to handle it yourself because, let’s face it, PR firms are expensive! Of course, you’ll need a pitch, a press release or some kind of story to send out. But, assuming you have all that already, where will you send them?

That’s where media lists come in. To get attention from the media, your pitches and press releases must be targeted to the right people. And for DIY PR, you’ll need to use at least one of these great resources.

1. a.k.a. HARO – not only valuable but FREE. Peter Shankman delivers reporter requests for stories straight to your inbox, three times a day. All you have to do is sign up.

2. Savor the Success – Not only do they offer FREE PR Opps, but they give premium members 5 free media lists. You can also purchase them individually at unbeatable prices.

3. CisionPoint – It allows you to manage your entire PR campaign on their platform and gives you access to a huge media database. Subscribe annually or purchase lists separately. The small business edition goes for approximately $3,500. A good way to get around the price is to split it with a few people.

4. MEDIAtlas – For a hefty fee, PR Newswire gives you full access to more than 440,000 journalists around the world.

5. ProfNet – another PR Newswire services that connect you with journalists seeking expert sources.

6. Wooden Horse Magazines – New addition! Didn’t know about this one before my buddy Lynn Colwell mentioned it. For only $1.99, you can spend all day downloading contact info for publishers as well as editorial calendars.

7. Collective-E – New addition! This is a fairly new venture and while the website isn’t in full swing yet, you can subscribe to their newsletter, which they send out full of PR leads and info. Definitely, worth checking out and again, it’s FREE!

That does it for me. So far I’ve gotten all my sources from HARO, but I’ve also received my free media list from STS and I plan on targeting everyone on that list next. Do you have any other resources to list here?

Thanks for reading!

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