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DIY Holiday Gift Roundup

by Alexandra Mihaescu

I know some people don’t like to hear about the holidays as early as September, but if you’re considering do-it-yourself gifts this year to save a little money, you have to start planning early!

That said, bookmark this page because by December I will have posted all the best DIY gift ideas the web has to offer. I’ll post DIY gift ideas for your mother, sister, brother, husband, kids and everyone in between. And, if you have any great ideas or spot a DIY gift tutorial please post it in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.

Here goes!

1. How to make a MONOGRAM STENCILED CANVAS TOTE: Cost – $12

Supplies: canvas tote, fabric paint, paper doily, adhesive spray, sponge brush

Find detailed instruction

at Tidy Mom.


2. How to make a HARDWARE CHESS SET: Cost $16 and up

Supplies: Nut, bolts and screws, rustoleum paint, felt stickers, chess board or wooden board

Find detailed instructions

at Dollar Store Crafts.


3. How to make a CARGO SCARF: cost $15 or less

Supplies: outer fabric, lining fabric, decorative trim, elastic, ruler, chalk, iron, sewing machine

Find detailed instructions at Instructables.


4. How to make WOOL WRAPPED BANGLES: Cost $10 or less

Supplies: plastic bangle bracelets, yarn, scissors, fabric glue, clothespin

Find detailed instructions at


5. How to make a SHADOW BOX FRAME: Cost $5 and up

Supplies: 3 wood frames, Wood glue or Liquid Nails, Wood filler , Clamps or painters tape, Painters tape , Spray paint, scrapbooking paper, Something to put in your box, Pliers, Craft knife

Find detailed instructions at Craftastical


6. How to make a TOASTER PASTRY iPOD COZY: Cost $5 or less

Supplies: Felt material, thread, beads, pins, sewing needle

Find detailed instructions at the DIY Network


7. How to make SHAPED RUBBER BAND SOAP: Cost $7

Supplies: Shaped rubber bands, melt & pour soap, fragrance oil, lidded molds

Find detailed instructions at Dollar Store Crafts


8. How to make a CHALKBOARD SILHOUETTE MUG: Cost $10 or less

Supplies: White mug, chalkboard paint, spray adhesive, sticky paper

Find detailed instructions at Craft Werk


9. How to make an ERASER RING: Cost $1

Supplies: eraser, drill

Find detailed instructions at Cute Little Disaster




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DIY Shot Glass Project

I’m sure I’m not the only one who collects useless vacation crap. For years, my junk of choice was shot glasses. I bought one on every vacation I went on until I realized how terribly tacky dozens of shot glasses looked on my shelf. But as tacky as they looked, I couldn’t bear to throw [...]

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I never thought I’d love animal print on a house. Inspiring isn’t it? I would love to know who lives in these houses (check out the other 11).

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{ 2 awesome DIY jewelry displays }

These two jewelry displays by Kate from Design*Sponge are probably the most creative I’ve seen. Both require some elbow grease but the results will be worth it.

1. Wood Carved Bust

2. Hidden Jewelry
So get to work and send me pictures of your creations. I’d love to post them!

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These two products take DIY to a fun, new level. As a little girl, I used to come home from school, drop my backpack by the door and run to my coloring table. I could see these two projects bringing back some great memories…
1. Color Your Own Dress : : by Berber Soepboer & Michiel [...]

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Ever wanted to make your own jewelry just for kicks? Or maybe you’ve thought of starting your own jewelry business. I found a couple of great jewelry tutorials and websites that teach you how to do just that. So get crafty and have a little fun.

1. Recycled Jewelry Case

– green and artsy!

2. Recycle magazines into jewelry – I’ve tried this before – it’s very easy and definitely affordable.

3. The Statement Necklace – Learn to make a bold necklace out of fabric.

4. Crochet Necklace – Got a knack for knitting and crocheting? Try doing it with wire.

5. Jewelry Lessons – If you want more, here’s a website with dozens of other jewelry lessons.

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