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Holiday Gift Fest


I must say that this giveaway is one of my favorites. Who wouldn’t love a free Beauty Spa Package

?? This extravagant gift is brought to you by Giftybox, a really unique “experience gift” website. For an average of $89, you can give someone an Adventure Box, Cooking Class Box and tons of other amazing experiences. 

Since I’m sure you’d like to hear how to win, here are the details: 

  1. Tell me why you NEED a spa day! Let it all out…we’re listening. =)
  2. Tell me if you’ve ever given someone an “experience” gift…if not, would you ever?
Enjoy the holiday season! 


More Freebies: Retro iPod Speakers & Seal’s New Album!


Enter to win - Blogging Momma’s bringing a few more freebies to the table…check out the cool lego retro iPod speakers! And if you need something to help you relax then you might as well try to snatch Seal’s new album. 
It’s December 2nd, which means the holidays are officially here…enjoy!

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The Gift Fest Helps You Shed Those Holiday Pounds!

Yes, it’s that dangerous time of the year again. The time of year when all we seem to do is stuff our faces with pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes with marshmallow topping and all that candy floating around at the office (definitely my downfall). Can I help it if it’s right in front of my face [...]

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Special Giveaway: Monogrammed Greeting Cards!

We’ve got just what you need…holiday cards! Yes, it’s that time again and they’re not any old holiday cards. Kristal from Tiny Bird Arts creates beautiful, custom holiday cards and today she’s giving away a monogrammed set!

Enter to Win: You’ll get your choice of Pink,Teal or Purple with your own initial…and of course, this greeting [...]

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More Freebies: 2nd Edition of the Gift Fest!

We’ve got more fabulous freebies for you this week…have fun! We have plenty more coming, so make sure to subscribe. You wouldn’t want to miss anything!
For Fashion Lovers

1. Enter to Win: a gorgeous gold vermeil heart charm from WELLalarm! Not only is it fashionable, but this gorgeous glowing charm comes with a free year of WELLalarm service. [...]

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The Gift Fest: First Edition!

Welcome to the Gift Fest! Scroll down all the way to browse gifts for fashion lovers, moms, kids and entrepreneurs. We have plenty more coming, so make sure to subscribe. You wouldn’t want to miss anything!
Gifts for the Fashion Shoppers & Entertainers

1. Enter to Win: Celebrate Green! book
Written by Lynn and Corey, Celebrate Green has [...]

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Esculon’s Twiggy Necklace Giveaway for The Gift Fest!

We couldn’t host a Gift Fest without giving away one of our own! Our customers’ favorite necklace was picked to represent Esculon Jewelry – Twiggy, a $115 value.

Twiggy’s organic, free-flowing form, gold shimmer and hint of warm, vibrant color makes an original and striking statement. It’s part of a new wave of jewelry, designed to [...]

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Gift Fest: *SAMPLE* Edition of Freebies!

Welcome to the *SAMPLE” edition of the Holiday Gift Fest, where we bring you freebies and goodies from across the blogosphere!

Link 1 : : description of you product and all other related info.
Link 2 : : description of you product and all other related info.
Link 3 : : description of you product and all other [...]

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The “Holiday Gift Fest” blog carnival!

We’re launching the Holiday Gift Fest, a blog carnival offering you fun contests and free stuff!

What’s a holiday blog carnival you say? Well, it’s like a huge virtual party where tons of bloggers give you the chance to win free stuff! The carnival will start on November 1, 2008 and will be ongoing [...]

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