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Who Should You Follow On Twitter: Part 2

Who to follow on Twitter:
It’s pretty easy to figure out who to follow. I have four strategies I use when I want to add more interesting people to my list. : : this is my favorite way to look for new people. Type in your topic of interest and browse through the people who tweet [...]

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How To Customize Your Twitter Background

I know you heard about twitter

and its super marketing abilities. You know it’ll help you reach out to your target market and even help you make new connections. But as with everything else, first impressions count for a lot in this world!

So if you want to be taken seriously and increase your following, you need a customized twitter background. Londy and I created mine on Photoshop CS3 but I recently found a website that makes it easier than ever to create your own background. No graphic design skills required!

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SEO Tip: Help your target market find you!

As you probably know, I created this website primarily to sell jewelry. But now that it’s up and looking good, I need more visitors!! And not just any visitors, but the kind that like jewelry, have their own business or need tips on PR and social networking.

How can I get more traffic to my site? I’m going to put up guest posts and expert pages on as many outside websites as I can. This strategy will increase the amount of links leading back to this website, which is the leading technique for search engine optimization.

Since I’m sure I’m not the only one trying to increase traffic, these websites might help you too. Here are 8 sites I found that could be used for posting your expert content and bumping up your incoming links:

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A Valentine’s Day PR story…genius!

Around Valentine’s Day of 2008, Melissa Cassera of Cassera Communications came up with this genius idea for her client – photographer Dennis Kelly.
Her team ran a special promotion seeking women whose husbands were overseas serving our country. As a gift idea, Dennis offered to shoot a portrait complete with hair/makeup donated by a local salon. [...]

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Turn an Embarrassing Moment into a PR Stunt

Everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes. Here’s an original idea for turning an embarrassing moment into a cool PR stunt.
Aspen Marketing Services created the “TP on your Shoe” campaign for Quilted Northern Toilet Paper’s national sponsorship of Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.
The company created an embarrassing social faux moment of having toilet paper [...]

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Twitter Tip: How I got 100 followers in 10 days!

Twitter’s pretty amazing and it has the ability to bring you lots of traffic if you know how to get it. As for me, I’ve barely scratched the surface, yet I’m still seeing pretty consistent spikes in traffic coming in from my Twitter profile. But how do you build a strong following? After all, with Twitter, the more the better!

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Amazing Websites for Women, Entrepreneurs & Bloggers!

You have Londy to thank for all these great sites…he’s constantly scouring the web trying to find more resources for me. And of course, now that I know about them, I thought you might find them useful too!
Mom Fuse : : This is a well designed and inviting website built by moms for moms. If [...]

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DIY PR and Marketing Ideas are on the way!

Hopefully, if you’re involved in any sort of PR & marketing initiatives, you know and take advantage of everything HARO has to offer. If not, please make sure you sign up. It’s an invaluable resource! Did I mention it’s free??
Anyway, today I decided to reach out to the subscriber list on HARO in the hopes [...]

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